LEIMAY LUDUS Community Class with Ximena Garnica & Andrea Jones

Spring // 5 Week Cycle

Wednesday Nights // 2 Different Classes in the same night!!

LUDUS is the underlying methodology of LEIMAY’s practice. It cultivates imagination and a heightened awareness of gravity, friction, and weight. It nourishes deep states of listening and explores potential connections between the body’s materiality, voice, thoughts; between spaces and materials; revealing domains of transformation and potentiality.

Wednesdays – March 27 – May 1 **No class on April 17th**

LUDUS // Water – 6:30 – 7:45 pm

LUDUS // Becoming – 8:00 – 9:15 pm

LUDUS // Water focuses on the conditioning of a conductive body through the identification of the body’s own weight in relationship to gravity and the cultivation of internal rhythm and fluidity. Participants will utilize imagination and imagery to engage with and identify flow of energy. The meditative environment helps create a body both flexible and serene. LUDUS // Water will be led by Ensemble Member Andrea Jones.

LUDUS // Becoming class uses imagination to delve into a multitude of shapes, textures, worlds, and experiences. Students will constantly morph and change; becoming and ceasing to be. It engages with expanding states of consciousness to enable multiple realms of perception and utilizes improvisation as a means of personal exploration. Each student’s individual physical potential is used to develop a unique and individualized movement vocabulary. Join us and dance as the nothingness of mist, the wilt of flowers, or a tangled ball of hair! LUDUS // Becoming will be led by Artistic Director Ximena Garnica.


1 class: $10.00
2 same-day class package: $15.00

Pre-registration is encouraged but not required.

Drop-ins are welcome!


Online registration – Credit Card or Paypal (Coming Soon!)

Drop-in – Cash or check only


LEIMAY LUDUS is an invitation to play in the world of LEIMAY. Through LEIMAY LUDUS Ximena, Shige and the LEIMAY Ensemble share and continue to articulate LEIMAY’s physical conditioning practices, visual art craft, aesthetics, and philosophies while providing another point of access to their creations and process, and contributing to an understanding of the works distinctive to LEIMAY.

LEIMAY LUDUS offers different opportunities to work with artistic director Ximena Garnica, current ensemble dancers, and with an inspiring group of local and international guest and resident teachers working within the field of butoh, physical theater, performance art, and experimental vocal practices.

Teacher Bios:

Ximena Garnica (Artistic Co-Director) is an interdisciplinary choreographer, director, and artist and simultaneously an active curator and producer. She is the Co-Artistic Director at LEIMAY. Garnica is part of the dance faculty at P.H.T.S, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. Other teaching credits include master classes and lectures at Denison University, Skidmore College, DeSales University, and Muhlenberg College. She received a B.A. in Theater Arts with a minor in Multimedia Studies from the City College of New York. In 2006 she graduated from Akira Kasai’s Tenshikan Dance Institute in Tokyo. Garnica has been leading a variety of programs at CAVE since the year 2000 including international performance festivals, residencies and training projects.

Andrea Jones (Ensemble member) joined LEIMAY as a member of the performance and research ensemble in 2012.  Since becoming part of the LEIMAY team, she has had the opportunity to study with world-renowned butoh masters and dancers such as Ko Murobushi, Moeno Wakamatsu, Sherwood Chen, Tadashi Endo, Kota Yamazaki, Yuko Kaseki, and Su-en.  She is also an active contributor to the development of the LEIMAY LUDUS.  Andrea is a graduate of George Mason University, where she double majored in dance and comparative literature with a focus in East Asian literature. She is a certified yoga instructor and spent the last year and a half living in Japan and studying Noguchi Taiso in Osaka, Tokyo, and Aomori with teacher Mari Osanai.