The University of California Riverside Presents LEIMAY in

Premiering at BAM Fisher (NY) in 2017, Frantic Beauty is an original dance-theater work which reflects on society’s pursuit of and relationship to beauty. Co-conceived, directed, and designed by Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary duo Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya, Frantic Beauty navigates an intricate thematic terrain by engulfing the audiences in trembling images, layering striking physicality, and textured video landscapes. It is lushly scored by the Emmy-winning composer Jeff Beal (House of Cards) and features the LEIMAY Ensemble: Masanori Asahara, Andrea Jones, Derek DiMartini, Krystel Copper and Mario Galeano.

Lit solely by 8 video projectors, the performers throw their bodies through the air; collide and they fall while also giving way to still moments. Through the ever-evolving video projections, the stage oscillates between rhythmic, textured landscapes and fractured layers of light sweeping through the space and uncovering the performers. The score is conceived in episodic, mini-narratives which contrast still and peaceful movements with more agitated chapters.  The coexistence of these two states in the score eventually comes together, as the tension of the two extremes seeks its own level and sense of balance. It is the third chapter of LEIMAY’s BECOMING SERIES.


LEIMAY will be performing Frantic Beauty at the University of California Riverside in a special and limited engagement.

February 20 & 21 at 7:30pm

UCR Performance Lab, ARTS 166

For more venue information and to purchase tickets please visit the UCR Events Calendar.

Frantic Beauty PRESS

“A surreal, striking performance that spans the spectrum of intense primitive energy to quiet meditation… infused with an intense, electric, and otherworldly energy.” -Marlynn Wei, Huffington Post

“Whether it’s all the frenetic energy or the absence of such, my eyes remain alert, my emotions engaged.” – Erin Bomboy, Dance Enthusiast

“LEIMAY’s new work has a lot going for it. It’s visually stunning and certainly gives its audience a lot to contemplate and discuss.” – Carrie Lee O’Dell, ReviewsHub

“The members of the ensemble…  impressively mount a demanding work. In Frantic Beauty, dance sometimes veers closer to the bodily uncanny than to classical or mainstream notions of beauty and the body, thereby asking us to reexamine and complicate those notions.” – Leah Richards and John Ziegler, CultureCatch

“Our current cultural moment makes Frantic Beauty’s message especially urgent: as instances of human and natural chaos confront us daily, the piece’s call to embrace life’s darkness moves from theoretic appeal to survival tactic. Artistic tastes notwithstanding, discerning eyes will appreciate LEIMAY’s virtuosity and find value in the show’s strange beauty.” – Emily Cordes,


The BECOMING SERIES is a succession of multi-disciplinary works set in immersive environments and utilizing dance, theater, video projections, and live music. The series deals with matter’s constant state of becoming through growth and decay, beginnings and endings. The BECOMING SERIES is a pentalogy.  Previous works in The BECOMING SERIES are Becoming -corpus, (2013) the first chapter; borders, (2016) the second; and Frantic Beauty (2017) the third.