LEIMAY LUDUS Master Class with Pilates Instructor Mariana Taragano

Pilates for Knee Injuries


In this LUDUS Master Class, participants will focus on the prevention of knee injuries in dancers, performers and athletes. They will also find ways to work intelligently around existing injuries when their professional lives do not allow for the ideal break for recovery and so that our recoveries are as speedy as possible.

The class will consist of a mat Pilates warm-up class in which we will focus on the lower extremities of the body. We will continue to a lecture-type presentation in which we will discuss some basic anatomy, the causes of common knee injuries, and how we can avoid them. Specific exercises will be suggested for both prevention of injuries and strengthening of existing conditions. We will learn how to look at our bodies as a whole and how general posture, as well as, the use of the hips, the ankles, and the feet can have a dramatic effect on the health of our knees, increase our efficiency in movement, and improve our performative skills.

Date and Time
Friday, January 11, 2019: 11am – 2pm
At CAVE home of LEIMAY
58 Grand St.
Brooklyn, NY
Tuition: $40

Mariana Taragano is a Pilates Method Alliance® -Certified Pilates Teacher with over a decade of experience teaching a wide variety of individuals including dancers, performers, actors, singers as well as children, elderly, individuals with injuries and pre and post-natal women. Mariana has co-led the Teacher-Training program at the Tamar Room studios in Israel, designing the syllabus and delivering lectures and workshops. She was also a part of the Teacher-Training program in Pepilates, London (The Pilates Center, Boulder) where she taught trainee classes and her sessions were observed. Mariana discovered Pilates in 2006 when she was advised by a dance teacher to take on Pilates to help recover from a recurrent injury. Mariana found Pilates was the best way to manage the pain and stay fit whilst recovering. Soon, her passion for teaching and her love for Pilates merged, leading to an intensive training course in Classical Pilates at the Dror Raz Israeli Center for Pilates. Pilates not only helped Mariana to recover but practicing Pilates on a regular basis has helped her continue an injury-free performing career until 2012.




LEIMAY LUDUS is an invitation to play in the world of LEIMAY. Through LEIMAY LUDUS Ximena, Shige and the LEIMAY Ensemble share and continue to articulate LEIMAY’s physical conditioning practices, visual art craft, aesthetics, and philosophies while providing another point of access to their creations and process, and contributing to an understanding of the works distinctive to LEIMAY.

LEIMAY LUDUS offers different opportunities to work with artistic director Ximena Garnica, current ensemble dancers, and with an inspiring group of local and international guest and resident teachers working within the field of butoh, physical theater, performance art, and experimental vocal practices.


LEIMAY LUDUS is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.