LEIMAY LUDUS Lab with Butoh Dancer Yukio Suzuki

Yukio Suzuki’s LUDUS Lab To know, hear, and feel the body, will guide participants to move and feel their bodies on a conscious level. Through connecting and separating between body and consciousness, participants will explore their “body of freedom,” opening up a new way of experiencing and moving the body. It all begins when the body is felt carefully.

Wednesday’s session will end at 9pm. Following the Lab, Yukio will share a structured improvisation revolving around biological time and an intricate, improvisatory relationship to numbers.

Date and Time
Monday October 16: 6pm – 10pm
Tuesday October 17: 6pm – 10pm
Wednesday October 18: 6pm – 9pm

Yukio Suzuki is a dancer and choreographer. Suzuki began his training in butoh at the Asbestos House in 1997, and later performed in many works by butoh master Ko Murobushi. In 2000 he founded his company “Yukio Suzuki Company,” later re-named “YUKIO SUZUKI Projects,” in order to incorporate his activities as choreographer, performer and director.  Widely revered in Japan, Suzuki’s dance pieces disregard established ways of bodily expression, allowing for the maximization of the dancers’ characters. The works born from his highly trained body are ripe with compelling tension. He gained attention in the dance world for his documentary-like style of directing and choreography that places great emphasis on dancers’ physical prowess and presence. He has choreographed for other companies including the Tokyo City Ballet. He has led workshops on butoh and has participated at such events as: Asia Dance Conference, Hong Kong Art Festival, TBA Festival (USA), Dance Triennale TOKYO, Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania) etc. Yukio Suzuki has received numerous honors: Audience Award at the Toyota Choreography Awards (2005), his work, “Confronting Silence” won the Grand prix at the Toyota Choreography Awards (2008). He was nominated as 10 finalists of Danse Elargie contest at the Theatre de la ville in Paris (2012). Read more at www.suzu3.com

LEIMAY LUDUS is an invitation to play in the world of LEIMAY. Through LEIMAY LUDUS Ximena, Shige and the LEIMAY Ensemble share and continue to articulate LEIMAY’s physical conditioning practices, visual art craft, aesthetics and philosophies while providing another point of access to their creations and process, and contributing to an understanding of the works distinctive to LEIMAY.

LEIMAY LUDUS offers different opportunities to work with artistic director Ximena Garnica, current ensemble dancers, and with an inspiring group of local and international guest and resident teachers working within the field of butoh, physical theater, performance art and experimental vocal practices.

photo (above) by Satoshi Tsuchiyama, photo (below) by bozzo


LEIMAY LUDUS is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.