During the months of July and August, the LEIMAY Studio is available at a reduced rate of $8.00 per hour for dance and theater rehearsals. Please note there is a consecutive two-hour block minimum per booking. You are eligible for this discount by creating a personal or company profile through LEIMAY’s digital platform — conectom! Though conectom you can post your upcoming events, share your writing, and interact with the LEIMAY community online. See everything our online portal has to offer visit conectom.

Need inspiration?  Check out these featured conectom profiles: LEIMAY Ensemble Member   LEIMAY Fellow   LEIMAY Team Member


How does it work?

  1. Join conectom open your free account here
  2. Edit your profile — include a Profile Photo, a Biography, and Process/Performance Photos (even embed a video!)
  3. Send a link to your completed profile [ NAME ] to our Studio Manager– info (at) leimay (dot) org
  4. Get the code — you will receive your Summer Deal discount code via email as a reply to your new profile
  5. Select “Dance Rehearsal” or “Theater Rehearsal” from our booking widget located here
  6. Choose a date and time on the calendar — July and August only, 2 hour block minimum
  7. Login — don’t forget your login information for future bookings
  8. Confirm your booking and Add your Summer Deal discount code as a “Coupon”
  9. Smile! You just booked the LEIMAY Studio at a sizzling summer rate!


Questions? Contact our Studio Manager at info (at) leimay (dot) org

Already a conectom member? Skip to Step 3 and get ready to sweat at CAVE!
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