LEIMAY Former Fellow Performance: Massimiliano Balduzzi


DOIEB SI TAU, language for a requiem

Created from original vocal and physical research, DOIEB SI TAU: language for a requiem, is a study on loss and transformation. In the form of a direct address a lone performer pushes language and character to their breaking point, crafting a ritual of willful separation, a purging of the self. Casting the audience as both witness and companion, Balduzzi holds a mirror up to catch the reflection of our collective desires and repulsions, a mourning of what is lost in the moment of becoming. Applying his on going investigation of invented language and song, the solo explores the human voice as a medium uniquely able to recount the life of the body.

Created and performed by Massimiliano Balduzzi
Dramaturgy by Susan Mar Landau

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Please note this event takes place at 334 S 5th Street, Brooklyn NY. There is a $17 suggested donation for all audience members which will be collected at the door.
Massimiliano Balduzzi was born in a small village in the Dolomites. For the past twenty years, frequently under the mentorship of Stefano Vercelli and Anne Zenour, he has dedicated himself to the practice of physical and vocal training for performers. In 2006 he spent six months in Bali studying Balinese dance and voice work. Massimiliano moved to New York City in 2008. Recent collaborations include Playwar co-created with Ben Spatz, Arturo Vidich’s Body Island and 142241, Helga Davis’ Cassandra, Daria Fain and Robert Kocik’s E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E, Vibe, and Brooklyn Rezound, Vanessa Anspaugh’s The End of Men, La Cucina with Teatro Stabile di Bolzano, Anna Azrieli’s Mirror Furor and Boomerang’s This is a forge. Massimiliano’s solo performance research has been presented in NYC at NYLA (Fresh Tracks), CPR, Movement Research at the Judson Church, Rubin Museum, CAVE, in Philadelphia at FringeArts, and in Los Angeles at Pieter. Massimiliano has led master classes and workshops in NYC at LINCOLN CENTER Educational Project, CUNY Brooklyn College, CUNY College of Staten Island, PARK AVENUE ARMORY, and at Emerson College (Boston), University of Huddersfield (England) and University of the Arts and Swarthmore (Philadelphia). Massimiliano was a Movement Research (2011), a LEIMAY fellowship (2010-13) and a Fresh Tracks (2014) artist in residence.

A note from Massimiliano
There may be a day when I will be completely lost in solitude. This is a performative attempt of practicing what I would do that day in order to stay alive. DOIEB SI TAU is my personal, theatrical playground. Its roots can be found in the artistic investigation I have been developing, alone and in collaboration with others, since the start of my artistic training.

When I began working on the requiem project, more than four years ago, the vocal score was written in an invented language. I have written a text of invented words, following simple personal rules, and perfectly memorized it. I began exploring the potential of invented languages at the very beginning of my apprenticeship as a performer.

Working with an invented repeatable text opens the possibility to investigate rhythm, impulse, sound resistance, difference between spoken text and sung text, and the very origins of sound — without the constriction of a given meaning. The words that compose the invented language are not the translation of any specific English (or Italian) words.

Through work with invented text, I am investigating what sound or sequences of sounds can communicate. If spoken language is “the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way,” what precedes and follows this communicative act?

Today REQUIEM is also the field for new explorations. I am playing with original texts and songs in English. I am investigating two characters, a man and a woman, who alternatively appears on stage performing the same material.

DOIEB SI TAU, language for a requiem is the result of four years of study around the idea of a requiem for myself. Since the Spring of 2012 I have presented five different incarnations of this research: REQUIEM/Blue Wedding, with Helga Davis (Judson Church, NYC), REQUIEM/White Grass (CPR, NYC), REQUIEM/Imposter (NYLA, Fresh Tracks, NYC), REQUIEM/Mozart (SOAK Festival 2013, NYC), REQUIEM/Mirror (Food for Thoughts, Danspace, NYC).


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