The New York Restoration Project (NYRP) in partnership with the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), and The Bronx Museum of the Arts present new works by artists Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya at the Heckscher Foundation Children’s Garden in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This month long exhibition and performances mark the third annual commission by NYRP to create new public artworks with the community for the community. Every year, LEIMAY hosts weekly donation-based community classes at its Williamsburg studio. The classes are created for all skill levels and are meant to provide an entry point into LEIMAY’s artistic practice. Students from LEIMAY’s community class, local artists, and the LEIMAY Ensemble join to create a diverse performance environment.

Admission is Free & Open to the Public

Qualia – Umbel
On view August 29 – September 18

Qualia – Umbel is an installation by New York-based multidisciplinary artists Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya. Qualia – Umbel is part of the artist’s Qualia Series.

Qualia Series alters pre-existing spaces, structures or objects, primarily using dozens of white masonry strings to reveal the observer, the observed and the process of observation. This practice invites the viewer to reconsider their seemingly ordinary surroundings and listen to a realm of perception that is unquantifiable, internal, and subjective.

In Qualia – Umbel, dozens of strings spread from a common center creating a blooming tension shooting across the garden grounds.

In Illo Tempore Vignettes
September 8, September 10, September 17 at 7:30

In Illo Tempore Vignettes is a performance of bodies suspended in time, revealing the echoes of memory, alienation, and exile. The performers parade through relentless streams of invisible stimuli in a voyage between presence and absence. The piece addresses the innumerable stories of the exiled, the ones that are visible and the ones that take place in a vacuum.

Arantxa Araujo, Masa Asahara*, Krystel Copper*, Derek Dimartini*, G.J. Dowding, Adi Eytan*, Mār Galeano, Gabriella Garcia, Emelie Hedvall, Lucy Kerr, Amy LeBlanc, Sonia Li, Lindsey Mandolini, Yuri Ogasawara, Grace Osborne, Polina Porras, Irena Romendik, Jeff Short*, Emily Smith*, Krishna Washburn, Raul Zbengheci

Jeremy Slater

* LEIMAY Ensemble member

Installation: August 29 – Sept 18
Performances: Sept 8, 10, 17, 7:30pm
Location: The Heckscher Foundation Children’s Garden, 134-136 Scholes St, Brooklyn, NY

Performances are free.
Full calendar of arts programing can be found here.

About the Performers

Arantxa Araujo
Arantxa Araujo is a Mexican choreographer, neuroscientist and multidisciplinary artist based in NYC interested in how art changes the brain. Her work has been shown in Movement Research, El Vicio, Radiator, Garis & Hahn, Walls­ Ortiz and SITI Lab, among others. Really happy to be part of the Qualia Garden Project with LEIMAY.

Masa Asahara*
Masanori Asahara is Japanese-born dancer, choreographer and improvisation artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He has collaborated with visual artists, installation artists, musicians, filmmakers and multimedia artists in a variety of projects. Currently, he is a core member of the New York interdisciplinary ensemble LEIMAY.

Krystel Copper*
Krystel Copper is an NYC based artist. She holds a B.A. in Dance from the University of Maryland, and has performed with Gesel Mason Performance Projects, B3W, Anahata Dance, CircuitDebris, Caenis @ Pace, as well as presented her own work at DNA. She currently works with Amanda+James, Not for ReTALE, and Estado Flotante, and is so excited to be joining the Leimay Ensemble!

Derek Dimartini*
Derek DiMartini hails from Oakland, California. He likes to view dance as an extension of his passion as a creator and a performer. He was an ensemble member in LEIMAY’s 2016 premiere of borders and is training to teach and continue to develop the LEIMAY Ludus program.

G.J. Dowding
G.J. Dowding is a director, writer, performer and mover/choreographer. He is the artistic director of the performance collective Asylos, which creates devised poetic works in site-specific interactive spaces. His work has shown at Dixon Place, The Invisible Dog, Gene Frankel Theatre, Wild Project, The Brick and Glasshouse ArtLifeLab. www.asylostheater.com

Adi Eytan*
Adi Eytan is a dancer, performance artist, choreographer, and teacher. Coming from Israel where she received education and training in Dance, into Brooklyn, where she co-founded the performance art collective- Emeliemeliemelieadiadiadiadi. Adi is thrilled of becoming a new member of the LEIMAY ensemble for the 2016-2017 season. www.adieytan.com

Mario Galeano
Mario (Mãr) Galeano is a Paraguayan performance artist who creates visual koans by braiding his love for photography, dance, and theater. Mãr was part of the LEIMAY’s “In Illo Tempore Vignettes” in 2015 and he performed at the 2016 SOAK Festival. In the summer, he teaches performance art workshops at Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute.

Gabriella Garcia
Gabriella Garcia is a Brooklyn-based writer focused on the intersection of art, technology, and activism. Upon her return to the realm of performance, she is currently developing her first solo project, Medusa Machina, in which the line between life and poetry is blurry at best.

Emelie Hedvall
Emelie Hedvall is a Swedish performance artist based in Brooklyn since 2012, after studying dance in Berlin and Stockholm. At the end of 2015, she co-founded the performance collective emeliemelieemelieadiadiadi alongside Adi Eytan. In 2016 Emelie received permission to work as an artist in America for her extraordinary ability within the arts.

Amy LeBlanc
Amy LeBlanc is a performance artist and has been participating in LEIMAY’s community classes since Fall 2015. Prior to moving to NYC, she performed with Bad Unkl Sista in San Francisco for 7 years. Amy has an MA from the School of Visual Arts in Critical Theory and the Arts.

Sonia Li
Sonia Li is an artist, designer, and dancer. She creates interactive installation experiences and performances, exploring bodily sensations that express the psychological, physical and emotional aspects of humanity. She is an EYEO Artist Fellow. Li holds a Masters from ITP/NYU, and BFA in Visual Arts at SUNY Purchase.

Lindsey Mandolini
Lindsey Mandolini is a dancer, choreographer, performance artist, educator, and administrator. She hails from Chicago, IL, and received her BFA in Dance from NYU Tisch. Lindsey was an ensemble member for LEIMAY’s 2015-2016 season; performing in the HANASAKA benefit and borders at BAM. She recently became the Studio Manager at CAVE.

Yuri Ogasawara
Yuri Ogasawara came to the U.S. from Japan at the age of 18 and received an M.A in Art Administration from State University of New York. She worked in an art gallery in Soho when she met Ximena and Shige around the time of CAVE’s establishment in late 90’s. Currently, she is a member of Dancing Rubies an oriental / middle eastern dancing ensemble under Andrea Beeman.

Grace Osborne
Grace Osborne is a musician, sound artist, and practitioner of the healing arts from Los Angeles, California. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Mills College with a B.A. in Music. Currently, she is a doctoral student at New York University. Her dissertation explores vibrational healing modalities, practitioners, and spaces.

Polina Porras Sivolobova
Polina Porras Sivolobova is a Russian-Mexican artist working primarily in drawing, painting, and performance art. She received a Master of Fine Arts and Art and Design Education from Pratt Institute. Polina joined the LEIMAY family a year ago by taking all their workshops and working in the organization in different capacities.

Irena Romendik
Irena is a multidisciplinary visual artist. She arrived from Ukraine two decades ago and currently resides in Brooklyn New York.
Irena values the process of artistic creation over production. Her multidimensional interests have produced projects that cross disciplines, and sometimes are difficult to categorize. Irena holds degrees from Shevchenko Art School in Kiev, Pratt Institute, and Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.

Emily Smith*
Emily Smith received her BFA from Alfred University with a major in Fine Arts and minors in Biology and Dance. Together with Laura Smith, they formed “NOT for reTALE”, creating kinetic sculptures and performance, using materials such as fabric, furniture, light, and metal. She and Elena Rose Light curate an annual performance series, called Fete, which produces strong multidisciplinary work in alternative spaces. She continues to be a member of the LEIMAY Ensemble.

Krishna Washburn
Krishna Christine Washburn is a dancer, teacher, and ACSM-certified inclusive fitness trainer living in Harlem. She has performed with Heidi Latsky Dance, ZCO Dance Project, and Infinity Dance Theater. She is performing with LEIMAY for the first time. She hopes that being a disabled artist in the public eye will help to change perceptions about what disabled people can be.

Raul Zbengheci
Raul Zbengheci is a Romanian-American organizer, designer, and producer. He specializes in live and time-based art, ranging from performance and dance to multi-media installations. He is inspired by the passage of time, conservation, and futures many thousands of years away. He has worked with LEIMAY since 2012 and currently serves as a LEIMAY board member.