Celebrate SOAK with LEIMAY at CAVE with friends and artists from the festival. For the fifth year in a row, LEIMAY will close down the block in front of CAVE and present an array of performances, concerts, and pop-up events on the longest day of the year. Grills will be available to cook your food and we will draw the winners for the annual Lucky Cookie Time Raffle.

Performances by:

Jan Miko
Lucy Kerr
Mario Galeano
Jack Leahy
Kat Brown
Karou Watanabe Taiko Center Ensemble
Jeremy Slater
Irena Romendik
Nicolas Noreña & Timothy Scott

Angeli is an artist and independent scholar based in New York. Her work creates conditions for transformations of the body, as a strategy to illuminate socio-cultural constructions of identity, and the possibilities of being otherwise. Recurring frameworks traverse phenomenological experiences of emotion, for example, intimacy, vulnerability, memory and loss, as enabling affective forces of the body. She is most interested in art that conditions chaos through intensities, resonances and sensations as embodied practice. Her educational background includes a MA in Performance Studies from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University ‘12, and a BFA from Parsons ‘11.

Jack Leahy is a resident of CAVE, although he sneaks out a lot. He’s excited to throw down some jams at the block party. He wants to give a very loud shout out to Shige, Ximena, and everyone else associated with LEIMAY for being Jack’s first friends in NYC since he moved from Austin, Texas earlier this year.

Jan Miko is an artist of a generation, who has significantly influenced Street Art and Graffiti. His paintings are inspired by street culture and the city suburbs where he grew up and inevitably became a part of. His first paintings “on the wall“ are dated to 1994. From his first exhibition it became apparent that his art was definitely not for the eyes of a simple viewer. In the earliest days of Czech Street Art, Miko cofounded a group PGINT. This group smoothly moved to street art from graffiti and received high acclaim. His independent action paintings were presented in Prague, Amsterdam, Paris and Warsaw. From 2004 onwards Miko was an assistant of Vít Soukup, Ph.D. Two years later he became a student of painting at the Academy of Arts in the studio of Stanislav Divis. Following the tragic death of Vít Soukup, he produced a series of paintings titled “Vomiting” as a reaction to this period in his life. Most recently, Miko worked in Iraq as part of the socio-documentary project entitled “One Blood Project”. The project aimed to discover and explore the connections between Czech and international street culture. Jan Miko’s performance is presented in collaboration with Czech Center New York

Kat Brown is a movement artist and writer based in New York. Informed by Jungian Authentic Movement and somatic practices her work approaches movement as a means to understand and embody symbolic language. Through long duration performance she also takes up the relationship between time and the body, this work is rooted in the idea that if time is a truth, it’s a truth of the body.

KAORU WATANABE TAIKO CENTER preserves, teaches, and promotes various styles of taiko (Japanese drumming) and fue (bamboo flutes), shares elements of Japanese music and culture with students and creates a community among taiko players, musicians, and others.

Mario Galeano is a Paraguayan performance artist living in Brooklyn, New York. His art begins with his open heart and ends with his willingness to explore universal emotions through his own personal viewpoint. An experienced actor, dancer, and photographer, he brings theatricality to his performances by transforming into LIVING visual allegories. His photography has been featured at the Rush Philanthropic Gallery, Brooklyn Artist Gym, UPstream Gallery, and The LOFT where his self-portrait series “Marionette” won Photo of the year at the OUT Festival exhibition in 2012. Mario has been part of the Teatro Estudio Sur Repertoire for 9 years, presenting plays in both Spanish and English. In 2014 he did a tri-state tour of “The Tell Tale Heart’ by Edgar Allan Poe. Currently, he is deeply interested in the fluidity of the body, mind, gender and it’s authentic expressions through dance. He has completed Butoh workshops at LEIMAY, and participated in their “In Illo Tempore Vignettes” as part of BAM’s Arts in the Gardens series.

Irena Romendik arrived from Ukraine two decades ago and currently resides in Brooklyn New York. Irena values the process of artistic creation over production. She participated in multiple shows, made costumes for dancers, and performed herself. Her multidimensional interests have produced projects that cross disciplines, and sometimes are difficult to categorize. Irena holds degrees from Shevchenko Art School in Kiev, Pratt Institute, and Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.

Lucy Kerr is a LEIMAY fellow, choreographer, filmmaker, performance and installation artist, and writer. Kerr graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and was the grand prize winner of the 2014 George H. Mitchell Awards for Academic Excellence for her Philosophy and Dance thesis and her mixed-ability choreography. Kerr is a 2014-2016 LEIMAY Fellow. Her performances have been presented in theaters, galleries, and public spaces including LEIMAY, IDIO Gallery, and Co-Lab Projects. Her films have been screened by Dance Films Association and Mono No Aware at the Center For Performance Research Gala. Kerr worked as a writer for LEIMAY’s publication accompanying the production of ‘borders’ at BAM. Her writing involves research in the areas of existentialism, performance studies, and phenomenology.with her piece