Eurythmy of Speech and Color with butoh teacher Gio Kusanagi

Gio Kusanagi was trained with Eurythmy (developed by Rudolf Steiner) by Akira Kasai and Jolanda Frischknecht. Eurythmy is a movement art that attempts to embody the vibrations of various elements, such as, color, spoken language, music, soul gestures, & planets. During the first half, participants will learn the movement that corresponds to vowels and consonants in Speech Eurythmy, followed by their short presentation in pairs by exercising the learned skills. In the second half, participants will learn the Color Eurythmy, followed by a guided meditation to access their core , which will then be translated into original color paintings. The lab will culminate with the participant’s active self-expression through the dances of inner colors.

Dates: Thursday, June 2nd, 6-10pm
Price: $46

Pre-registration is required.

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Gio Kusanagi is a native of Japan and has studied Butoh with Moe Yamamoto, Toru Iwashita, Kunisuke Kamiryo, Yoshito Ohno, Yukio Waguri, Seisaku & Yuri, Ko Muroboshi, and Kayo Mikami, and Modern Dance with Bill Evans, Kista Tucker, Don Halquis, Angela Dennis, Kristina Isabella, and is a Certified Evans Method Modern Dance Instructor. Gio was also trained in Eurythmy by Akira Kasai and by Jolanda Frischknecht of the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble. As a Ceritfied Evans Method Dance Instructor, Gio has developed an original training system that encompasses all these movements under Rudolf Laban’s dance vocabularies.

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