Our dear Friend of LEIMAY,

On behalf of all of us at LEIMAY, we would like to thank you for your being with us during 2015.  Whether you are a reader of our newsletter, an active audience member, a donor, or a fellow artist, you are part of what we do and we are thankful for our connection with you. Thanks to people like you, we were able to accomplish many projects during 2015 and we want to say THANK YOU and to share our accomplishments with you!

2015 accomplishments for LEIMAY artistic works

  • We started off our 2015 with a two day workshop audition. We were thankful to meet more than 30 performers and after an intensive workshop and interview process we welcomed four new members to the LEIMAY ensemble: Derek Di Martini, Emily Smith, Jeff Short and Lindsey Mandolini. They joined our current core members: Masanori Asahara and Andrea Jones, and for the past 11 months we have been engaged in regular ensemble rehearsals, training and research. With this strong ensemble we have been creating the second chapter of our Becoming Series: borders premiering this coming February 2016 at BAM Fisher. (January – now).
  • Once again this year Ximena joined the DCA SPARC program and brought the LEIMAY LUDUS  to the Diana H. Jones Innovative Senior Center in Brooklyn.  This semester long encounter culminated in a performance with the seniors. 200 seniors were exposed some of the training and performance aspects of LEIMAY work. (March-June)
  • LEIMAY ensemble retreated to the wonderful Mount Tremper Arts for a rigorous one week of research and making. We were joined by our new collaborator composer Joe Diebes. (May)
  • We presented Encounters with LEIMAY, featuring four evenings of work-in-progress performances, a public symposium, and a lecture demonstration. We were glad to count with the participation of guest speakers: John DiMartini, Jeff Friedman, Daanish Masood, Nimrod Reitman and Peter Sciscioli, and of the 140 people who attended these events. These encounters allowed us to listen to different points of views, to share our own values and practice, and to open the process of creation to members of our community. (June)
  • LEIMAY was commissioned for a private event at LongHouse Reserve in the East Hampton,contributing a sprawling outdoor installation, performance art, and lighting design. LEIMAY was happy to created work in other context and to meet very special art lovers and patrons of the arts. (August)
  • Ximena & Shige were invited to be part of the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium Residency and as faculty on Earthdance’s 2015 Moving Arts Lab. We spent a wonderful time in the nature surrounding Earthdance, learning and sharing practices with an inspired group of artists including Michelle Boulé, Krista DeNio, Debra Disbrow, Conrado Falbo, Martín Lanz Landázuri, Ursula Eagly, Abigail Levine, Odeya Nini, Emily Sweeney, Tatyana Tenenbaum, Petra Van Noort, Larissa Velez-Jackson, Taja Will and Sarah Young. Thanks to Peter Sciscioli for putting together such an amazing program and group of artists. (September)
  • LEIMAY continued our partnership with the New York Restoration Project and BAM’s Arts in the Gardens. We created an installation “Qualia -Skyhole” presented in Gil Hodges Garden, and two performances, “Thresholds II” and “In Illo Tempore Vignettes”, 20 members participated in these performances including LEIMAY collaborators and artist friends, current ensemble members and participants of our Community Classes. We were pleased to have Council Member Brad Lander, NYRP’s Executive Director Deborah Marton, and Next Wave Festival Associate Producer Amy Costello, among our New York audience. In total, more than 200 people showed up to experienced LEIMAY performances.  (August and September).


2015 accomplishments for LEIMAY programs

  • We continued to offer and develop LEIMAY LUDUS.  This year we offered 20 donation based Community Classes at CAVE taught by ensemble member Andrea Jones.  LEIMAY co artistic director Ximena Garnica offered a Weekly Performance Lab (spring), and a Summer Intensive(June), a Body Conditioning Lab (Fall / with co-teacher Andrea Jones). Ximena also continued LEIMAY’s LUDUS research with  Andrea Jones and with selected collaborators at CAVE. In addition, we offered 14 LUDUS Labs taught by an eclectic group of guest teachers including local dance, voice, theater and performance artists: Tina Mitchell & Paul Peers, Laura Peterson, Daniel Irizarry, Pavel Zustiak and international butoh dancers SU-EN (Sweden), Mari Osanai (Japan),  Yael Gaathon (Denmark /Israel), Yukio Suzuki (Japan), Daiichiro Yuyama (Japan), and theater master Mario Biagini (Italy). (January, February, May, June, October, November)
  • Presenting and Curating program: SOAK 2015 (May-June) showcased finished and in-progress work by 21 international, local and fellow artists. We partnered with the citywide festival Make Music New York. Children and adults, strangers and friends came together to share music, food and fun. 700 people attended the 48 diverse days of festival shows, workshops and post-performance discussions at CAVE and at our Block Party.  This year’s SOAK artists included: Team 2H, The People Movers,, Lucy Kerr, Terra Incognita, Thea Little, Tina Mitchell, Andrea Jones, Denisa Musilova, Jose Rivera Jr., Laura Peterson, Luigi Repetto, Theresa Magario, Yael Gaathon, Raul Zbengheci, M.A.K.U. Sound System, Angeli Sion, Jeremy D. Slater, Pavel Zustiak and Daniel Irizarry. In addition, as part of our At Home Series, Yukio Suzuki brought his performance of Evanescere to CAVE, while he is spending several months in NY as an Asian Cultural Council fellow (November) and Daiichiro Yuyama from Dairakuda-Kan shared with us Gappies (October).
  • Work Space and Mentorship: At CAVE, LEIMAY provided more than 1000 hours of subsidized rehearsal space at the White Studio to 71 unique dance, theater and performance companies to develop their work. The studio was also used by a dozen photographers and video artists to shoot their own creations.  We offered a year-long Fellowship at LEIMAY to 8 different individuals and companies. The 2014-2015 fellows were: Kate Ladenheim, Lucy Kerr, Polina Klimovitskaya, Thea Little, Hee Ran Lee, Tina Mitchel and Paul Peers and this year we welcomed new and returning members: Kat Brown, Hannah Gross, Kathleen Kelley, Lucy Kerr, Polina Klimovitskaya, Nicolas Norena, Danielle Russo, Alexa Salamé, Timothy Scott, to our fellowship program. (Jan – now)
  • conectom:  As of today, LEIMAY’s virtual CAVE: conectom links 689+ members. It offers a free open virtual space part bulletin board, part forum, part blog and part digital memorabilia to interact, to raise opinions, to share processes, and to build an ecology of audiences and artists beyond our Brooklyn studio.

As an organization during 2015, we launched LEIMAY’s Inaugural Benefit for LEIMAY Works and LEIMAY Programs. We were graced by our honorees Philip Glass, Zachary Model, and Juan Merchan, had a powerful moment with Robert Wilson, moving words from our Benefit Chairs Kimihiro Sato & Maria Bacardi, inspiring performances by Massimiliano Balduzzi, Bisan Toron, Peter Sciscioli, Jeremy Slater, LEIMAY ensemble members, and of course, a beautiful performance by Philip Glass himself. We had a great  Inaugural Benefit Committee: Jeff Beal, Naomi Benson, Adrien Deseglise, Sherry Dobbin, Anita Durst, Federico Hewson, Joshua Kohl, Geneviève Maquinay, Kristin Marting, Mae Mougin, Jenni Muldaur, Haruko Nishimura, Matko Tomicic; and our very special Honorary Chairs: Laurie Anderson & Robert Wilson. And we had the very special presence of Meredith Monk among our dinner guests. Our deep gratitude goes to all for making LEIMAY’s first benefit a memorable and successful event, with kudos to our Benefit Chairs:  Kimihiro Sato & Maria Bacardi.
This year, we did a lot of work with our seasonal team Denise Shu Mei, José Rivera Jr., Raul Zbengheci and Andrea Jones. THANK YOU!  This group of individuals are continuing to bring our programs and artistic work  to a new era and we are forever grateful for their support.

We are also grateful for the work of our former staff members Georgia Johnson, Theresa Magario, and Rebecca Russell and for the enormous efforts of our volunteers, work exchange members and friends for their support this year as we continue to evolve.

Our gratitude also goes to our honorary board member director Robert Wilson for his continuous support of our work and programs, and to our advisory board members Kim Whitener, Kristin Marting, Kimi Sato, and Sherry Dobbin for their mentorship and patronage. Thanks to each our donors for their generosity and for believing in our work.



Ximena & Shige

Click here to view our Year in Review album on conectom

Click here to view our Year in Review album on conectom