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LEIMAY LUDUS What a Body Can Do
Sun, Feb 21, 12pm – 2pm
BAM Fisher (Theater)
$25 get your tickets here

In this two-hour class, experience LEIMAY LUDUS.

LEIMAY LUDUS is an invitation to play in the world of LEIMAY. Through LEIMAY LUDUS, we share and continue to articulate LEIMAY’s physical training practice, visual art craft, aesthetics and philosophies while providing another point of access to our creations and process, and contributing to an understanding of the works distinctive to LEIMAY. LEIMAY LUDUS does not rely on any one particular technique, but it is rather constantly reinventing itself; opening to internal and external dynamics, approaching and valuing training as an act of cultivation and growing of the body embracing its voice, its soul, its intellect and its physicality.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and avoid wearing jewelry.  You may bring some materials to take notes with. No photography is allowed during the workshop.

This event is presented by LEIMAY. BAM house, ticketing and membership policies may not apply.