Why so many rules for renting the LEIMAY Studio at CAVE?
Please keep in mind that people LIVE at CAVE. It is an actual HOME. You must be respectful of that. It is open to the public as a rehearsal space but also exists as a living space. You wouldn’t track muddy boots through your friend’s living room or go into your friend’s room and turn on all the lights and leave everything on. Please share the Studio Terms and Conditions with your collaborators or students so they know how to be respect the space upon entrance.

Can I wear shoes inside the LEIMAY Studio?
No. CAVE has a white marley floor. It’s WHITE. ‘Nuff said? You must work barefoot or with socks. This applies to directors, designers, and crew members. No dragging of chairs or props is allowed. And be aware if you are wearing nail polish!

I have a bike. Can I store it inside CAVE?
No. We need to keep the entrance way clear. We recommend (from past experience) that you bring a chain or lock and secure your bike to an immovable object outside. Rollerblades, small scooters and average size skateboards may be neatly stowed with near your shoes.

Can I book CAVE for half an hour?
We know this is New York and A LOT can happen in just a minute, but no, you cannot book CAVE for half an hour. You should book hour blocks of time beginning at the top of the hour. (i.e. 6:00- 9:00✓ 6:30 – 9:00) Please plan accordingly!

What do I do if I got an error message while making a booking?
Don’t be afraid to refresh your web browser! You can even close the pop-up window that appears and return to the actual widget itself. The system should remember and create a list of all the bookings you have selected. From there, in the widget, you can delete what you do not want to book and start over- if need be.

Can I book CAVE for an event such as a party, performance or exhibition?
CAVE only presents curated works that are a part LEIMAY Programs. We recommend searching for a venue suited for your needs through Fractured Atlas’ SpaceFinder NYC — nyc.spacefinder.org  If you like, you may post your event on conectom conectom.leimay.org, our free arts publication and networking platform for contemporary artists working in all disciplines.

Can I trust this Booking Bug widget?
Yes, you can! The booking Bug widget does not store any of your banking information. The widget service Booking Bug provides us a way to let you manage your own bookings and connect that with a site that handles transactions- in this case, PayPal. Booking Bug has safety certifications which are updated frequently.

Something important came up and I have to cancel my booking.
Cancellations made within seven days of the booking are not eligible for studio credit. If the cancellation is made more than seven days in advance, you are eligible for studio credits (must be used within a month of issue).

Can I reschedule or adjust my booking?
You may reschedule your booking to another date or time if you give seven day advance notice. You have the ability to amend your own booking within limitations set by the booking system.

Can I eat in the studio?
Only water is permitted in the studio. Snacks may be eaten outside or in the hallway near the storage cubbies. All outside garbage must be discarded in a public trash or recycling receptacle. Thank you for being mindful of your waste.

Can I play live music in the studio?
Generally, no, but occasionally exceptions are made. Email info(at)leimay(dot)org explaining your work and the kind of instruments you would like to bring.  Music should be kept to a reasonable level, including recorded music. No activity involving excessive screaming and/or stomping is allowed.

Can I burn candles?
No. Fires of any kind are not permitted in the studio. This includes candles, incense, and cigarettes. In addition, smoking is not permitted in front of CAVE. We want to be respectful to our neighbors and the artists that reside at CAVE.