In dance, the true-self manifests itself concretely through our body as presence, physicality, movement. In order to approach the expression the true-self, we prepare our status of mind and body to be ready to perceive the world directly. This LEIMAY Ludus Training Lab will focus on: Physical training for awareness, strength, flexibility, body mechanism, sensitivity, concentration. Embodying difference of texture, weight, transparency, element, color, lightness/darkness, temperature in the body and in the space. Active listening: distinguishing the density, current, pulse, vibration of time and space. Not to move, but to be moved. To know the direction of the desire of dance. Shift of boundary: Placing ourselves outside in the space. Placing our desire in the space.

Dates: May 24th, 25th & 26th
Times: 6pm – 10pm on May 24th. 4pm – 8pm on 25th & 26th
Price: PRICE: $160 Non-Member / $155.2 conectom Member / $144 Program Member plus processing fee.
Members discounts and other discounts valid for online payment only.

LEIMAY Ludus Lab with guest butoh dancer Moeno WakamatsuMoeno Wakamatsu was born in Japan.  A dance/theatre artist coming from a background of being a pianist and an architect, she began her solo dance career at the age of 27 in New York City.  She has also been teaching the Feldenkrais Method®  for 10 years. She is now based in France.Her work exists outside of the art of ideas or concepts, and aims for direct communication in intensified time and space. A manifestation of an expression that is beyond physical movement, her work often perplexes ordinary dance categorization.‘I wish to suspend within the moment where inner desire meets outer phenomena.

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