At Home is our performance series post-SOAK, our annual summer festival, presenting work from local and international artists throughout the year. This fall LEIMAY presents San Francisco / Marseille-based performer Sherwood Chen in Mongrel, a solo constructed in losing oneself in translation. Sherwood has performed for artists including Anna Halprin, Min Tanaka, Xavier Le Roy, Ko Murobushi and Liz Santoro. LEIMAY is excited to be presenting his own work for the first time at CAVE.

Sherwood Chen,  Mongrel

In an act of translation from one language to another, exists a collision between the guaranteed betrayal of source material and the moral ambition to make the effort anyway. Mongrel is a solo constructed to harness this tension, to frame the very missing of that mark, rendering foreign bodies in a single, enigmatic body.

October 16th | 7:30pm

at CAVE home of LEIMAY