6 incredible weeks of performances, training, and camaraderie.


SOAK 2014 was a huge success for our artists, our audience members, and our community of staff members.  In its third year, SOAK was the most ambitious yet, presenting 14 evenings of performances, 8 LEIMAY Ludus Labs, and a LEIMAY Ludus Summer Intensive. We would like to thank all those who came, the artists who showed their work, and the incredible volunteers who helped make the festival a reality.  This third year felt like the coming of age year for the festival, SOAK is now an established summer festival, and we look forward to the many more years ahead of us.

SOAK presented a torrent of acts and workshops in theater, butoh, dance, and performance art every spring over four weeks in May and June  at our home, CAVE.  SOAK broadened the perceptions of our artists and audiences with work that is experimental, rigorous, and thought-provoking.

  • We presented the work of 19 artists based in New York.
  • We presented the work of 3 artists based in Europe and Japan, including the legendary Ko Murobushi
  • We hosted both premieres and works in progress.
  • We offered eight LEIMAY Ludus Labs and a LEIMAY Ludus Summer Intensive
  • We refined our post-performance discussions and hosted them for nearly all performances; the audience responses were insightful and very helpful to the artists, especially the ones showing works in progress.
  • Children and adults, strangers and friends came together for the six hour block party to share music, food and fun, which featured six live musicians and a taiko drum parade to kick off the block party.
  • 900 people attended the twenty diverse festival shows, workshops and post-performance discussions at CAVE and at our LEIMAY Block Party.
  • Nearly 100 people participated in our second Lucky Cookie Time raffle and 9 lucky winners won prizes from our neighborhood supporters

We want to thank our partners, funders, audience, volunteers and artists! It was their support and participation that made it possible. We look forward to share with you many more performances and art events in the upcoming year! THANK YOU!

See the SOAK 2014 Line-up here

SOAK 2013 Artists: Ko Murobushi, Rebecca Brooks, Julia Crockett, Carlye Eckert, Anabella Lenzu, Jeremy Goren, Sophia Treanor, Kota Yamazaki, Mina Nishimura, Terra Incognita Theater, Angeli, Kika Espejo, Andrea Jones, Elke Luyten & Kira Alker, Andrea Jones, Masanori Asahara, Moeno Wakamatsu, Rachel Cohen, Michael Bodel.
SOAK 2014 TeachersKo Murobushi, Mario Biagini, Susan Mar Landau, Kota Yamazaki, Elke Luyten, Rebecca Brooks, Ximena Garnica, Moeno Wakamatsu, Polina Klimovitskaya
SOAK 2014 Musicians: Kaoru Watanabe, Auto Ritratto, Sergio Krakowski & Group .BR, Big Volcano, Tiappa, Jeremy D. Slater, 

SOAK 2014 Team LEIMAY Artistic Directors: Ximena Garnica & Shige Moriya
SOAK Managing Producer: Raul Zbengheci
SOAK Production Stage Manager: Dina Paola Rodriguez
LEIMAY Core Members: Theresa Magario, Georgia Johnson, Andrea Jones, Masanori Asahara
SOAK Production Intern: José Rivera, Jr.
SOAK Technical Assistants: Stefan Martin, Michelle Cahn
Box Office: Lisa Granuzza Di Vita
LEIMAY Associate Members: Maximilian Balduzzi, Eija Ranta
2013-2014 LEIMAY Fellows: Rebecca Brooks, Julia Crockett, Carlye Eckert, Kika Espejo, Jeremy Goren, Anabella Lenzu, Terra Incognita Theater, Sophia Treanor
SOAK Volunteers: Kika Espejo, Keiko Yahata, Rayven Plaza, Sophia Treanor, Nami Mochizuki, Alex Klimovitsky, Baptiste André.