LEIMAY Works: Studies For Frantic Beauty, Borders & LEIMAY Members’ Solos

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LEIMAY will be presenting a series of studies for four works in development: Frantic Beauty, Borders and two Untitled company members’ solos by Masanori Asahara and Andrea Jones. Additional guest performers: Maximillian Balduzzi and Baptiste Denient. The 6th incarnation of the undergroundzero festival is returning to Manhattan July 7 – 20 for two weeks of independent, site-specific, zero budget live arts by international and fellow local artists. including The Assembly, East River Commedia, Heather Benton, Panoply Lab, Pop Up Theatrics, Susan Bernfield, Delaram Kahrobaei, Howard Pflanzer, Gagnakon Agnorak, April Sweeney, Molly Rice, and Concrete Timbre.

Frantic Beauty explores the hard power of beauty, through the prism of dreams and frenzied desire. Can the quest for beauty sabotage the future, and betray our best intentions? In Borders, LEIMAY looks at borders as protective barriers and as points of contact and exchange. In this project, the artists raise questions of how our choices and strategies for making connections – affecting, and being affected – can create states of nourishment and growth, or states of stagnation and isolation. Masanori Asahara’s solo explores the idea of the in-between, while Andrea Jones asks questions of death and the boundaries of the flesh.

Thurs July 10, Fri July 11, Sat July 12 at 8:00pm
Teatro La Tea – 107 Suffolk Street, NYC  2nd Floor

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