LEIMAY Studio Artist & Friends Showcase: Polina Klimovitskaya, Theresa Magario, James Gardella

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“I Take Good Care of My Corpse (Part I) – An Old Poem Upon Beckett’s Rockaby (Part II) by Polina Klimovitskaya / Terra Incognita Theater

Part I – The busy flies in the existential vacuum of modern life — a funeral party of happy corpses. Part II – Life suspended on a thread of light; identity falling away on the threshold of death. “Rockaby” alludes to an old lullaby in which a baby’s cradle falls from a treetop, interweaving images of life and death, balancing on the edge of each other.

grindfilter by Theresa Magario tm 

What was as necessary to the mystic in the Ottoman Empire is still as necessary to the software developer in San Jose.It has become acceptable for popes and Satanists, (but not Mormons) artists, business folk and stay-at-home parents alike. More valuable than gold, the second most legally traded commodity on earth is a humble, unassuming substance that brings any human being from ground to the heights of god-ness.

unspeakable daisies by James Gardella

unspeakable daisies is about queer embodiment. It explores how queerness opens up unmarked territories of subjectivity, performativity, and experience, accessing these territories through movement. Dancers source content from personal histories and bodily memories to craft identities that are completely their own.

Polina Klimovitskaya is an international master teacher and director, currently on faculty at Yale University and Michael Howard Studios, who began her career in Moscow and has taught and directed across Europe and the USA. She founded Terra Incognita in the early 1980s, and the group has performed at various venues across the USA and Europe. Natalia Krasnova and Jeremy Goren are the company’s active members, and Jenna Kirk and Renzo Rios have been working with Terra for several years. Terra Incognita thanks LEIMAY for creating a stimulating artistic community, which after more than four years of residency feels like home.
Credits “Corpse: Director – Polina Klimovitskaya Performers – Jeremy Goren, Jenna Kirk, Natalia Krasnova, Renzo Rios Designer – Julia Nitsberg — Beckett’s Rockaby: Director – Polina Klimovitskaya Performers – Isobel Roth
Link– www.terraincognitatheater.org

Theresa Magariotm has been involved in art and performing and combinations thereof since moving to New York in 2005 from Massachusetts. She cut her performance teeth working with the visual artist, Michael Alan in his projects: Michael Alan’s Draw-a-Thon Theater and The Living Installation.  Since the tail-end of 2008, Theresa Magario tm has had the deep honor of working with fellow question-askers like  Ko Murobushi, Yuki Waguri, Daiji Meguro, Ximena Garnica and studied with many more during the Butoh-Kan.  Theresa Magario tm is a fervent supporter of the arts who has put in many hours with non-profits such as Dance Entropy Inc. and LEIMAY (CAVE Organization Inc.)
Link– www.theresamagario.com

unspeakable daisies is James’ first dance piece since moving to New York. James is a choreographer and performer and is currently an artist lodger at CAVE. Last year, James produced a written thesis and two choreographic works investigating the Yoga Sutras, a piece of ancient Indian scripture. Originally a musician, he discovered dance in an experimental yoga class. James has had the honor and privilege of studying with choreographer/dancer Eiko Otake and yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, both of whom have influenced him greatly. Much of James’ work attempts to realize the expressive potential of the body and addresses intersections between sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality. James was a performer for Ximena Garnica’s residency at the New Museum as a part of MR in Residence at the New Museum: Re-Thinking the Imprint of Judson Dance Theater 50 Years Later and has shown work at Dixon Place. He graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Dance and is also a certified Dharma Yoga instructor.

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