WSD No Sweat Summer Deal Banner

How does it work?

The LEIMAY No Sweat Summer Deal is offered to Program Members ($35 per year). Become a member in conectom, open a free account now ! Book the White Studio during the months of July and August for your dance or theater rehearsal for $8 per hour! This applies only for our White Studio. There is a two hour block minimum. Bookings must be made for rehearsals within the months of July and August.

How to work this LEIMAY No Sweat Summer Deal:

a. Join conectom!
b. Become a Program Member 
1. Get the code! – Once you have made your payment through Paypal, you will be brought to a thank you page with your discounts listed. Please copy and save them in what ever manner works best for you.
2. Select your activity from the list in the widget on the Booking page. Click the word Select.
3. Choose the date/time from the calendar. – Browse the dates with the arrows or tabs located above the calendar.
4. Log in to the system. – You only have to create an account once so please remember your login information!
5. Confirm booking. – If you have a discount code add it here!
6. Pay. – Now you are booked into the calendar!
7. Smile! – You just booked the White Studio at a sizzling summer rate!
8. Please agree to our White Studio Terms & Conditions

Thank you for booking LEIMAY’s White Studio during the summer!

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