Kota Yamazaki: Running Kota Yamazaki is a Bessie award winning dancer and choreographer, a student of Akira Kasai and Hirofumi Inoue, and an internationally known teacher of butoh.  Running is Yamazaki’s solo piece, a part of this evening’s shared bill.

This is a running piece, which never ends. It is based on his daily dance practice while jogging.

Mina Nishimura: Princess Cabbage (work-in-progress) In Princess Cabbage, a multitude of fantastical and grotesque images from and inspired by Tatsumi Hijikata’s biographical novel, Sickened Primadonna, are transformed into movements, vocals, facial expressions, crystallizing in a single body like a kaleidoscope. The piece is going to premiere at Mount Tremper Arts in August along with Quiet House, Ash Daughter, a new quartet which also shares the research around Hijikata’s butoh scores.

Audience members who have RSVP’d must arrive 15 minutes prior to the posted performance’s starting time.  Failure to do so may result in loss of reservation.
If all RSVP spaces are filled, please note that we are reserving several spaces at the door only, they will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Kota Yamazaki was first introduced to butoh in 1977 through the teaching of Akira Kasai and began ballet training under the late Hirofumi Inoue in 1981. He was an artistic director of Tokyo-based rosy co. from 1995 until its close in 2001. Following an invitation in 2001 from Germaine Acogny, Yamazaki created the work FAGAALA in collaboration with her Senegal-based company, for which he received a NY Dance and Performance Award (Bessie Award) in 2007 and nominated for Alpert Award. Since 2002, Yamazaki with his NY-based Fluid hug-hug, presents works nationally and internationally and teaches at many universities. In 2013, he received the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award in New York for his artistic achievements.

Mina Nishimura, from Tokyo, was introduced to butoh and improvisational dance through Kota Yamazaki’s teaching. While performing nationally and internationally with many inspirational choreographers, her own works have been presented by DTW, The Kitchen, Danspace Project, Movement Research, Roulette among other venues. Nishimura was the danceWeb scholar at Impuls Tanz (Vienna) in 2009, and was a curator for MR Spring Festival 2013. She was on AIR program at Brooklyn Art Exchange in 2010-2011, at Chez Bushwick in 2013 and is a current AIR (2013-2014) at Movement Research. Nishimura has been teaching at Bennington College and Ferris University (Japan).

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