Masanori Asahara: In-Between
The operating body as a stream of air, the flow of which changes various elements of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and shielding.  What happens when these elements surrounding the body operate within the body? This is the generative question of In-Between.  The presented work evokes the idea of “coma” and “awakening” through a dynamic collage of choreographed and impromptu movements.
Michael Bodel: there are caves and attics
Emerging from Michel Foucault’s 1966 radio broadcast Corps Utopique,  this is a dance in 9 parts, weaving together text and an original olfactory score. This performance will include solo versions of new sections, gray turtlenecks, samba music, and an experimental fan array. *June 20th only
Racoco Productions: Paper Work
A collaboration between paper artist Stephanie Beck and choreographer Rachel Cohen, Paper Work charts ideas of “progress,” territorial expansion, discipline, and disorder. Tactile duets between paper and person continually create and destroy shifting landscapes, echoing the tension between the desire to be civilized and the constant call to new territory inherent in Manifest Destiny. *June 19th only
Moeno Wakamatsu: Inscription of a Soul
In this body are inscribed all the souls from beginning of evolution.  In the matter that makes this body are inscribed all the souls of matter since its birth.  The soul that inhabits this body inscribes the absolute place and the absolute time where it exists.  The absolute ground where this body and soul stand is the same as where I stand and where you stand, and where all things stand.  My soul and your soul and all things inscribe the same moment.  Though the beauty of the moment seems to make no discrimination between human joy or despair, nor between good or bad,  I fill it and empty it with my desires — and there is all, but there is nothing.

Audience members who have RSVP’d must arrive 15 minutes prior to the posted performance’s starting time.  Failure to do so may result in loss of reservation.
If all RSVP spaces are filled, please note that we are reserving several spaces at the door only, they will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Masanori Asahara, a native of Japan, has been living and dancing in New York since 2004. He studied at DANCE NEW AMSTERDAM. He creates his own works and has performed with Janis Brenner & Dancers, Butoh Rockettes, Company So-GoNo, da:zain, Duhon Dance, Isabel Gotzkowsky and Friends, Ko-Ryo Dance Theater,Wendy Osserman Dance Company, Purring Tigers, Sasha Soreff Dance Company, Sticky Mango Movement, Nathan Trice – Rituals, Vissi Dance Theater, Yukio Waguri and Kota Yamazaki / Fluid hug-hug.

Michael Bodel is a choreographer, performer and dance writer whose current interests include alphabetically: affordances, Bread and Puppet Theater, dance film, embodied cognition, pageantry, place, religion, Ralph Lemon, scent, semiotics, smuggling and speech. Michael developes dance in the frosty hills of Putney Vermont. He is the founder and curator of the briefly dormant FRAMEWORKS dance film series, and his new website on dance ideas and action launches this Summer at

Rachel Cohen has been choreographing and performing in New York City since 1997, and created Racoco Productions in 2003. She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Performance as Communication, a self-designed major; she studied dance and choreography with Claire Mallardi. Ms. Cohen currently studies action theater with Ruth Zaporah and Cassie Terman and ballet with Carolyn Lord; other influential teachers include Mary Anthony and Bertram Ross (modern dance), Heather Cornell (tap), Rafael Bianciotto (mask and clown), Patricia Cross (ballet), and Joanne Conroy and Olga Baigas (jazz). She has performed with Olek, Julie Atlas Muz, SHUA Group, Ariane Anthony + Company, Mary Anthony Dance Theater, Christopher Caines Dancers, Le Minh Tam, and Theodora Skipitares, among others, and on television on The Montel Show.

Moeno Wakamatsu. Born 1975 in Tokyo Japan. She is a dancer, a Feldenkrais practitioner, and an architect. After her younger years in New York City where she studied at The Cooper Union School of Architecture, she gradually extended her work in the US and Europe as a solo performer. [enter] Her work exists outside of the art of ideas or concepts, and aims for direct communication in intensified time and space. A manifestation of an expression that is beyond physical movement, her work often perplexes ordinary dance categorization. “I wish to suspend within the moment where inner desire meets outer phenomena.” – Moeno Wakamatsu

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