Study of a Weak Body by Moeno Wakamatsu

Through a weakened body diminished to a simple will, Moeno Wakamatsu attempts to observe if living matter can come close to manifesting the desires of time and space.

Moeno Wakamatsu was born in Tokyo, in a Jodoshu Temple in Asakusa, in 1975. She was classically trained as a pianist from an early age, and studied architecture in her youth. She worked in New York City as an architect and as a Feldenkrais teacher while dancing. She left her architecture profession at age 27 to solely pursue dance theatre as a solo performer. Recently, she has been working widely in Europe. Her work exists outside of the art of ideas or concepts, and aims for direct communication in intensified time and space. A manifestation of an expression that is beyond physical movement, her work often defies ordinary dance categorization.

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