LEIMAY Ludus Lab with theater master Polina Klimovitskaya

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Klimovitskaya’s Kinetic Mind Training is a way to free the intuitive, creative mind and enhance a performer’s visceral presence. It challenges our everyday, analytical thought processes and guides artists toward their own deep and unique creative cores where they can tap into true presence —that absolute presence of being and spontaneity of reaction that makes animals so magnetically attractive.

A workshop for artists who want:

-To reconnect with their creative selves, which in turn will open the way to organically connect with others
-To explore their idiosyncratic mental/physical patterns, which limit artistic freedom
-To access the deeper feelings held in the body, allowing the mind to become absorbed by the body and the body by the mind
-To embody the character through specific behavior
-To contact Klimovitskaya’s unique way of ‘Animal Work’

 Registrants will be sent in advance information of what to prepare for the workshop.

Dates: June 14th & 15th // 10:00am – 3:00pm
Price: $120

Pre-registration is required
Members’ discounts and other discounts valid for online payment only

Polina Klimovitskaya Workshop 2 SQUAREPolina Klimovitskaya is an international director and master teacher, currently on faculty at Yale University and Michael Howard Studios, who began her career in Moscow and has taught and directed across Europe and the USA. She founded Terra Incognita in the early 1980s, and the group has performed at various venues across the USA and Europe. Natalia Krasnova and Jeremy Goren are the company’s active members, and Jenna Kirk and Isobel Roth have been working with Terra for several years each. Find Polina Klimovitskaya on conectom.


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