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photo by Alex Escalante

Voluminous Thinking / Altered States The Alexander Technique begins with the premise that the human organism is perfectly designed for an expansive range of activities. It is our own habits that get in the way of this potential, and our own misuse often results in chronic pain, injury, excessive tension or otherwise inappropriate tone. Through the technique we learn to use our thinking to undo habitual layers of use, and then make conscious choices that create more freedom of movement. This class will explore using fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique to support and develop spatial and sensory awareness. We will begin on the floor with an extended session of focused, guided movements that encourage ease, coordination, and direction of movement. We will continue our exploration in the context of improvised movement. What happens when our movement choices are driven by information other than the kinaesthetic sense? We will experiment with how the process of mindfulness that the Alexander Technique offers can affect perception of time and space, self and other, being somewhere and going somewhere. This class is open to movers of all abilities, experienced dancers as well as beginners and “non-dancers”.

Date: June 15th // 4pm-7pm Price: $36 Pre-registration is required Members’ discounts and other discounts valid for online payment only

Rebecca Brooks Workshop_Alex Escalante SquareRebecca Brooks is a dance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her performance works have been presented in theaters, galleries, art fairs, community centers, living rooms, offices, churches, bars, and parks. Her most recent work, Still Left On This Rock, was presented at Danspace Project in April 2014. She has worked as a performer with Marina Abramović, luciana achugar, Maria Hassabi, Susan Rethorst, robbinschilds, Kathy Westwater, and many others. She works in an advisory role with Heather Kravas and Milka Djordjevich. An AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher, Rebecca is currently on faculty at Balance Arts Center and Movement Research, and she also teaches privately.  Find Rebecca Brooks on conectom.

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