LEIMAY Ludus Lab with International Butoh Master Ko Murobushi

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This LEIMAY Ludus Lab with International Butoh Master Ko Murobushi  is open to actors, dancers, body rooted performers or anybody interested in exploring the potential of their bodies and is divided in three different modules: 1) Physical Training, 2) Improvisation, and 3) Solo Performance. Modules can be taken separately or together. However, discounts are only open to those who plan on taking all the modules. Registration is open for individual modules or the entire LEIMAY Ludus Lab.

Within the whole duration of this LEIMAY Ludus Lab, participants will explore fundamental elements of Ko Murobushi’s pioneering and respected butoh practice.

Dates: May 21 – June 1st
Price: Modules A & B: $200 each // Module C: $260 // Whole Course: $580
Weekdays 6pm-10pm, Weekends 11am-3pm
See below listing for exact dates, times, and pricing
Pre-registration is required

Members’ discounts and other discounts valid for online payment only

Ko Murobushi Workshop 3 SquareKo Murobushi is one of the best known and most acclaimed Butoh artists in the world and is recognized in Japan as a leading inheritor of Tatsumi Hijikata’s original vision of Butoh. He trained and performed with Hijikata from 1969, and later briefly gave up dance and trained as a yamabushi (an ascetic mountain monk). Once back into society he founded the Butoh Group DAIRAKUDAKAN. He created the Butoh-magazine Hageshii Kisetsu (Violent Season) and founded a female Butoh Company ARIADONE for which he choreographed a number of pieces. Two years later he founded an all-male Butoh-group: SEBI. He also created his unit Ko&Edge Co. with three young Japanese dancers, with whom he presented Handsome Blue Sky at the JADE 2003 Hijikata Memorial in Japan. Currently based in Tokyo, Ko continues to tour internationally throughout Europe and South America.

Please register online, choose from the following offerings:


Module A (Physical Training)
During this 12 hour module, Ko Murobushi will share physical exercises developed throughout the last forty years of his practice. Exercises focus on breath and energy flow as well as strengthening the tanden (the body’s core) by exploring breath and its transformations and realizing differences and combinations of breathing “forms”and freeing the voice. Combining movements of the 8 -no beginnings, no ends- the inside as an outside, the outside as the inside- the training will investigate asymmetrical spirals and The Moebius Loop.
May 21-23, 6pm -10pm | $200

Module B (Improvisation)
During this 12 hour module, participants will go through a series of improvisational prompts: the future of the animal, of the plants, of the minerals passing, becoming a corpse, fluid, solid, gas, all as a means to learn transmissions and transformations. Exploration of form as a way of sneaking into the act: an interval, trembling, shifting, breaking down, all in the same moment. Suffering, vibrations, coagulation, relaxation, convulsions towards humour.

 “An experience of a loss of words, a loss of oneself in an encounter with the inscrutable, with the unknown
–dance is the sensuality formed in this transient moment.
All forms will collapse, and become bare in their collapsing.
Furthering our dance is a risky process of disappearance and appearance.
It is an incessantly throwing of the body.”
Taken from Ephemer, 1988 Ko Murobushi

May 25, 11am-3pm, May 26-27, 6pm – 10pm | $200

Module C (Performance)
During this session, participants will have the opportunity to research their own creations under the gaze of Ko Murobushi. Participants are asked to bring a 3-7 minute solo performance of their own creation: A simple dance proposition which should be repeatable, and will be worked on during this session with Ko Murobushi and the other LEIMAY Ludus Lab participants.
May 29-30, 6pm-10pm, May 31-June 1. 11am-3pm | $260


LEIMAY’s performance season is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council of the Arts, a state agency. SOAK is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.