How does it work?

The LEIMAY subsidized company rehearsal package for 25 hours or 50 hours of prepaid rehearsal space. This applies only for our White Studio. We request that before you purchase hours, you join conectom and or become a LEIMAY Member in some capacity.

Pre-paid hours are 15% and 20% off regular prices! These hours must all be booked within 30 days of purchase. After you have  paid for the package of your choice, pre-paid credit will appear in your account and you will be able to start booking your studio hours. After 30 days you will loose your credit so make sure to book all your hours within this time frame. Please note, the dates of the bookings themselves may be further into the future than the 30 days you are given to use your credit.
If you would like to purchase and book 2 or more months in advance please contact cavemanager at leimay dot org.

If during these hours you are making work that will be presented to the public you must give credit in your program notes with something similar to the following: “Title of my work was created at CAVE with the help of a LEIMAY subsidized company rehearsal package.”

To keep the love going, give us all the details of your performance and LEIMAY will feature your event in our audience / artists network, conectom.

How to purchase LEIMAY subsidized company rehearsal package and how to book your hours:

0. Become a Program Member!
1. Select the package you would like to book – See widget below. There are two packages available: 25 hours and 50 hours for Dance rehearsals, Theater rehearsals and Physical Theater / Movement rehearsals.
3. Sign in to the system. – You only have to create an account once so please remember your login information!
4. Confirm package purchase and pay.
5. Start booking your time! – Select your activity from the list in the widget below. Click Select.
6. Select the date/time from the calendar. – Browse the dates with the arrows or tabs located above the calendar.
7. Log in to the system. – Make sure you are still logged in.
8. Confirm booking. 
9. Pay. – Choose use my credit when prompted to pay.
10. Smile! – You just booked your pre-paid hours at CAVE home of LEIMAY & now yours too.
11. Please agree to our White Studio Terms & Conditions
12. Please remember to give proper  credit LEIMAY in your program notes and on your website.

Thank you for purchasing a LEIMAY subsidized company rehearsal package!

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