Our mission
LEIMAY (CAVE Organization Inc.) develops and tours new and existing individual and collaborative creations by Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya; stimulates dialogue on contemporary performance and installation art; develops LEIMAY’s Ludus Training; and offers studio, and performing space for emerging and established artists; our endeavors take place at our home, CAVE, located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn as well as at other venues in New York, the Americas, and beyond.


Our artistic works
Under the name of LEIMAY, the artistic duo of Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya create individual and collaborative works ranging from sculptural, video, and light installations to photography, training projects and contemporary performances.  We are based in Brooklyn, New York at our home, CAVE, where we develop and share our work. We also show our work at larger theaters, visual art galleries, museums and public places  in New York and the United States (BAM Fisher, HERE, Joyce SoHo, Japan Society, The Lab Gallery, The Watermill Center, The Asian Museum of San Francisco, The Carnegie Mellon University, The National Museum of Dance, The New Hazlett Theater) as well as internationally.


Our programs
In addition of touring, exhibiting, producing, and developing our artistic work, LEIMAY runs the following programs:

1) LEIMAY Ludus Training program – a platform for developing a non-codified training practice for artists working within the realm of physically rooted performance, and teaching residency opportunities for emerging and established performance, voice, theater, and butoh artists.

2) Presenting and Curating program – opportunities for local choreographers, performers and visual artists to perform and exhibit work alongside international guest artists. Current opportunities are at the annual festival SOAK and the AT HOME series at CAVE, as well as the festival CUERPOS AL BORDE in Mexico City.

3) conectom – a free online artist and audience network and online publication which maps the connections between the expanding field of time-base arts, its creators, and its enthusiasts.

Past programs included  the New York Butoh Festival (2003-2009) and the 10-year visual art gallery exhibitions at CAVE (1996-2006).


LEIMAY multiple activities are in itself a work of art, a constantly changing living organism which is open to new challenges and re-shapes in response to internal and external dynamics.

Our artistic creations as individuals or as collaborators, regardless of the medium, are an opportunity to transform ourselves, to continuously look for our place within the flux of life. We share a physical space for artistic sustainability and create an environment that attracts, provokes, and supports exchange, generative confrontation, and collaboration.

We believe art is the power of personal revolution and we give ourselves wholeheartedly to it. Our commitment to creating an artistic practice and a space of endless potential synthesizes our multiple endeavors.

The world is realized through experience, discovered through questioning, and changed by action.